Rethink Renovations Home Additions

Adding on to the home can be a huge undertaking and quite scary for the home owner. An addition is a big investment that takes both time and money. At Rethink Renovation, we want you to be at ease.   We will work hard to ensure that your home addition is planned carefully from the very beginning. Let us propose a project that will provide a home that works best for you and your family.

The Planning Stages

To begin, we start by meeting with you to discuss your ideas. We want to know exactly what you wish to do with your home. We look at your overall needs, such as needing an additional bedroom for a new child or a larger living space for entertaining. We take notes and gather all details of the project. Our experts will then discuss what permit requirements are needed along with the expected time frame of the project. We will then put together a preliminary project proposal with a general idea of what budget will be needed to complete the project.

Our builders work closely with you during the planning stages to ensure that your style preferences and lifestyle needs are clearly understood. Once you are happy with our proposed project, plans are drawn up via a Design Contract. This will see the development of detailed design plans for the home renovation. In the end, you will have additional space to truly enjoy your home.

Addition Ideas

At Rethink Renovation, we have provided families just like yours with quality renovations in the home. We can do whatever you like, from adding bedrooms and bathrooms to creating a Great Room with lovely windows for an outside view. Have a larger space to do laundry with a bigger laundry room or add a mudroom space for additional storage. Whatever you wish to accomplish, we are experienced and well-equipped to make design plans to carry out your wishes.

Affordable Additions

When trying to add on to your home, there is much to consider, including the price of the renovations. It is important to work with a licensed and insured company like Rethink Renovations. Many contractors operating in the city do not have licensing or insurance which can cost you money in the long run. You may see an initial cheaper price for the work but the accountability is not there. A written contract will not be provided and you will have nothing to hold them accountable for their actions.

Work with our team of builders to have quality renovation plans that are affordable to your budget and backed by our contract agreement. With our licensing and insurance, we have the ability to reimburse you for any issues that may arise during construction such as damages. We are also covered for accidents on site if they were to occur.

Let us assist you with your construction needs and provide you with the best plans for your home renovation, no matter how big or small.  By contacting our office, we can set up an initial meeting to learn just what you wish to do with your home. Change the way you live by providing more space for family and friends to be able to live and gather in your home for years to come.